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Hello there, fellow customer!

In order to introduce ourselves properly we decided to do an interview. So, if any of the questions you wanted to ask us are written here, then you have got yourself an answer. Let’s begin!


Q: Can you tell us who you are?

We are Sacha and Hugo, two French students who came in Montreal to study two years ago. We have always been friends and we are both interested in entrepreneurship, so starting a shop together was probably the best thing to do.


Q: Why did you start MINIMALY?

We both have a clear interest in traveling around the world and coming to Montreal also helped in defining our idea. Since we are foreign students here, deep down we still view this city as tourists. However, we are not fond of the usual touristic places and we consider that to understand a city we need to look not at its monuments but at its discreet and most typical buildings.

With this in mind, we wanted to show on our posters all these unique shops and facades that you can only find when you adventure yourself deep into the streets.


Q: Why did you choose to sell posters, and why vectorial design?

In order to make our idea become real, poster seemed to be the best medium for that. Plus, making posters is an idea we had in our minds since quite some time, considering how we both are interested in art. Now for the vectorial design (with is the act of designing a numerical image which only geometric shapes), this was possibly the best way to put our thoughts on paper. None of us went to art school, and we only have little skills in drawing, obviously not enough for designing buildings. Therefore, we use Adobe Illustrator for all our designs, and up to this date we are happy with this process.


Q: What is your business model?

Well, our business model is simple. We currently work with a supplier named Printful, which takes care of all our stocks for us. This is extremely convenient for us, since it allows us to reduce our costs and to use our time to improve the website, to develop our community, and of course to design new products every week. Our supplier has printing facilities scattering in the United States and in Europe, allowing us to sell worldwide. Knowing that, we are proud to offer to anyone in the world posters showing a small and hidden shop far from where they live. Who knows, it might give them the desire to visit that city as well as others.


Q: What kind of relationship do you seek with your customers?

We hope to be more than just a shop selling posters, we want to create a bigger experience that people can really enjoy. As a matter of facts, we consider that sharing tons of interesting content on the social medias or on a future blog, as well as always being honest and true to ourselves is a way to reach this objective. We are convinced that there is a lot to gain in being more than just a showcase of our products. As we said in another question, we would love to have a bond with our customers strong enough so that they can send their own photos of buildings for us to design. This may seem like nothing, but in our opinion, working with suggested places from our audience would bring great value to our posters.


Q: What challenges do you consider having?

Our first and probably biggest challenge here is linked to our supplier. We love to work with Printful since it provides us with museum-quality paper that allows us to offer amazing products and we hope it will keep going. In the same time, we wish to be able to work with more local suppliers, as well as to have our very own packaging.

Then, we also want to be close to our customers. We ship internationally, and we are proud to do so, but we still want to build a connection with them. We hope that through the social media and the blog (coming soon), we will be able to get close to you, since MINIMALY is about more than just posters.


Q: Can you tell us more about your goals, or your future?

As we said earlier, we first of all want to be more local in our way of working, and most of all we want to make customers to feel like they can trust and share content with us. 

In the future, we also hope to reinforce our support to causes that we care about, and our first step will be to give back 1$ on every poster bought. We are currently preparing this aspect, and it won't take long before we put it into place.

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