A poster shop offering travel posters from Tokyo, Paris, Montreal, etc...

Discover travel themed posters showing off unknown but beautiful buildings from famous cities. All our designs come from cities like Paris, Roma, Montreal, Tokyo… If you love to travel, our minimalist posters are the right choice.

Liven up your kitchen, your living room or your bedroom with our posters and wall art collection. Mix up the designs for unique results with many small posters ! Our Minimaly posters look great when assembled in a mosaic, and the possibilities are endless.

Or you could be looking for inspiration for your next trip. Browse through our designs and find your favorite ones ! Is there a better way to remind you of your next holiday than a set of posters framed above your couch ? Clearly, there is not, so take your time to discover all of our artworks, all made from us, with hours of work on Adobe Illustrator.

A minimalist view of Paris, Roma, Tokyo, Montreal, and much more.

We give a minimalist look to buildings that literally stand out of their environment. We personally select small shops and facades based on our past travels and our favorite destinations.

In the end, our designs feature storefronts like ramen shops from Japan, pizzerias from Roma, or even cafes from Paris. If you are a seasoned traveler, you will enjoy to discover all these cute places that we chose to make our travel posters.

Why did we choose them, you may ask ? We believe that these discreet façades can make for beautiful city posters, and we hope we can give you some inspiration for your future travels. And who knows, you may also recognize some places you went to before.

We print our posters thanks to a partner named Printful. If you are looking for more information about it, you can head to our F.A.Q page, our About Us page, or on the Printful page here. You can also access the F.A.Q and About Us pages via the top and bottom menus. You will get to know everything about us, and you can even send us an email if you have more specific questions !

Travel posters for a sustainable future

All our posters are made with an ink certified GREENGUARD Gold, a very strict criteria which ensures that it isn't responsable for any gas emissions that could harm your home.

We believe that as a brand, we can do something. That means that every time you buy a Minimaly poster, 1 $ is taken from the price and given back to One Tree Planted : a non-profit organization that works for reforestation all over the world : North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Since our product is made with paper, we feel that it is our responsibility to act accordingly. Nowadays, forests only account for 30% of the land’s surface, while it helps reduce the overall level of carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. This is why we decided to help One Tree Planted by giving them more funds to plant trees.

So yes, our travel posters can help grow trees, but we can do nothing without you. By contributing to Minimaly, you contribute to One Tree Planted. If you want to know more about their fight, you can click here.

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